Today I was able to spend my lunch break watching my little brother Ryan’s All Stars basketball team play their final game of the season. I couldn’t be a bigger fan!

Ryan played the National Anthem on the saxophone in front of the majority of the school (and a Channel 6 News camera), played about half of the game, scored at least 6 points (in addition to a bunch of assists), and hugged, like, 20 cheerleaders, which is something I think he’d like me to mention in this post. 

He’s a huge University of Richmond basketball fan and was able to have lunch with Coach Mooney a few weeks ago, during which Ryan invited the coach to his Big Game. Somewhat unexpectedly, he accepted right away! Today Coach Mooney sat on the floor with the team as an honorary coach.

The final score was tied, I think about 60-60, but no one was paying attention to that nonsense. We were all having too much fun! Students were doing the wave, the cheerleaders tumbled across the court during breaks, and we all cheered for every basket, regardless of which team made it.

I’m so happy that it was such a big event, and hopefully the students and faculty at his school will benefit from seeing how awesome kids with special needs are. I could really live without “average” people being surprised that special needs people can kill it on a basketball court, learn to read music, or participate way more at their high school than most other students. 

Finally, I need to give a big shout-out to #4, a slim gentleman wearing a white turtleneck under his jersey (left side in the group photo), who slowly, gingerly dribbled down the court then lobbed in 3 pointers over and over like it was nothing.

You can check out the story on the WTVR site by later tonight or tomorrow, but I think it’ll air at 6pm!

EDIT: The link to the news story is here.

p.s. Please direct your attention to the Personal Life section of Coach Mooney’s wiki, if befriending my 16 year old brother and attending his team’s game doesn’t convince you that he’s an awesome person. 

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