My sister and I went to a charity dinner for Positive Vibe Cafe last night, where my brother volunteered to serve food. U of R and VCU’s basketball coaches, Chris Mooney and Shaka Smart, cooked burgers and there were auctions and singing and Aunt Vivian from Fresh Prince of Bel Air was the host.

As always, I’m super proud of Ryan’s unbridled enthusiasm for helping and making others happy. I’m also really proud of the coaches and other influential folks who attended.

People bid thousands of dollars on auctioned items and the coaches donated additional money to Positive Vibe, a restaurant that trains people with disabilities. Ryan adores Coach Mooney and Positive Vibe, and they have both truly improved his life. Because of Ryan’s involvement in U of R sports, he wants to go to college, and Positive Vibe gave him the confidence to think about his dream job and where he sees himself after high school.

Unfortunately for me, I was exhausted by the end of the night. Perhaps I’m not quite ready to be a billionaire. Billionaires: how much coffee do you have to drink to go about your average day of charity functions and tennis?

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